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Sms Marketing for Ticket booking & Entertainment

Mobile marketing is fast becoming the main marketing tool for theatre events, sports events and other entertainment shows. Sms promotions are easily deployable and cost effective medium with direct reach to target audience. Rapid sms solutions will enable you to quickly inform about forth coming shows, special offers, celebrity visits, VIP events etc to your targeted and limited audience.

Sms Marketing for Ticket booking & Entertainment

Scenario 1 - Selling tickets for concerts, movies, comedy shows, night clubs, magic shows, sports events, etc. Aiming to increase ticket sales by sending sms!! Send promotional sms to get instant ticket sale...
With Rapidsms, you can send promotional sms instantly!

Sms Advertisement :

Watch India fighting New Zealand in 20-20 cup live @ xyz stadium tonight. Few tickets lefts. Book your tickets online @ ticketpurchase .com and get parking FREE. Get instant tickets on your mobile phone

Scenario 2 - Increase awareness about amenities in the entertainment complex. Cross sell other products / services available in the same venue. Send promotional sms to promote restaurants, bars, gaming zones, shows, backstage tours, shopping areas, discos etc near the theatres
With Rapidsms, you can send promotional sms instantly!

Sms Advertisement :

Enjoy delicious Sizzlers @ My Sizzlers when are at XYZ Multiplex tonight. Exclusive 20% discount on books & cds @ Zone Liberty. Buy 1 bowling round @ Gaming zone and get 1 free.

Shortcode for - for Ticket booking – Entertainment & Leisure

When customers visit your establishment or see your advertisement, they send a text message to your keyword and receive an auto response. The customer's mobile number is stored in your database for future messages you will like to send.

Using the Rapidsms control panel, you set up what kind of auto response customers should receive and download database.

Data generation Ideas:

Post Banners on websites, multiplexes, print advertisements etc

Put the short code action on tickets, leaflets, cinema advertisements, score boards, parking coupons etc.

Hot offer!! Sms FUN ticket number to 12345 and get a chance to win free meals, popcorn, snacks, Special invitation for premiere of MOVIE, Free ticket in VIP for Final Match etc. More than 500 prizes to be given every day

Hundreds of customers grab their phones and send in a message. After a few minutes, the winner receives a text message telling them he won.

As the owner of that establishment, you have just added hundreds of customers to your database that you can send messages to about your business.

Using the Rapidsms control panel, you set up how the customer interacts with your keyword

Anything You Can Think Of, the possibilities are endless!

10,000 bulk sms @ Rs.2000
20,000 bulk sms @ Rs.3500
50,000 bulk sms @ Rs.8200
1,00,000 bulk sms @ Rs.15000
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