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Sms Marketing for Radio and Television

Rapidsms is closely working with Radio Broadcasters & Tv Channels for strategically implementing sms for driving traffic, viewer / listener bonding, revenue generation and advertising program. Different companies use sms as an effective medium for their radio or television shows for following purposes:

  • Request Service
  • Instant Voting
  • Competitions
  • Auctions
  • Program Support Information services

SMS Marketing Radio / TV

Scenario 1 - Launching a new show, premiering a new movie, special guest at interview!! Why not to increase TRP by sending sms.

With Rapidsms, you can send promotional sms instantly!

Sms Advertisement :

Watch out GHAAJINI - world premiere today exclusively on YOUR TV at 8 pm. Answer simple questions and get a chance to meet Mr. Amir

SMS Advertisements for Radio / TV

Scenario 2 - Increase TRP by sending sms for schedule alerts. Never let your viewer miss any show. Send behind the Scene news and gossip through sms to create enthusiasm.

With Rapidsms, you can send promotional sms instantly!

Sms Advertisement :

Watch out SANS BAHU today exclusively on YOUR TV at 10.30 pm. Is Mihir dead or alive? Who will be the next emperor of Gwalia Enterprises? Don't Miss the most happening Tv show tonight at 10.30

Shortcode for - Radio / Tv

Interactive campaigns have always increased customer loyalty while adding revenue, database and TRP to Media Company.

When people view / listen your advertisement about your contest, they send a text message to your keyword and receive prizes as auto response.  The customer's mobile number is stored in your database for future messages you will like to send.

With Rapidsms, you can set up a two way sms campaign instantly!

Data generation Ideas:

Float contests about movie / celebrity / etc and give out gifts, show invitation passes etc

Place advertisements in newspapers / Tv / Radio

Sms Idol Candidate No to 56767 to vote for candidates - your next superstar.

Sms Contest Answer (A/B/C) to win a Holiday a Malaysia. Contest open till 9 p.m. today

Hundreds of customers grab their phones and send in a message. After a few minutes, the winner receives a text message telling them he won.

As the owner of that media channel, you have just added hundreds of customers to your database that you can send messages to about various coming shows.

Using the Rapidsms control panel, you set up what kind of auto response customers should receive and download database.

Anything You Can Think Of, the possibilities are endless!

10,000 bulk sms @ Rs.2000
20,000 bulk sms @ Rs.3500
50,000 bulk sms @ Rs.8200
1,00,000 bulk sms @ Rs.15000
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