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Sms Marketing for Properties - Builders and Real Estate Brokers

Mobile Marketing is being used to make life easier for property companies and Real estate agents throughout the Country, helping them to send and receive SMS text messages from clients quickly and easily.

Many House Hunters look at your properties every day but never turn up again. With Rapidsms's online sms facility one can reach out the real buyers with sharp precision. With other medias such as print, electronic or out door - you may fail to spot actual buyers among numerous people who see your advertisement. Focus on your target audience and stay connected in a higher frequency through Rapidsms's sms marketing tool.

Sms Advertising for Builders

Scenario 1 - How Many House Hunters look at your properties every day but never turn up again? How many people call to inquire but never visit the property or request brochure? How many take the brochure but never turn up again?
Numbers are very high - and are actual losses due to less follow up. Why not to register each visitors / callers number and send them property details, price updates, special offers, new property inauguration offers etc by sms.
With Rapidsms, you can send promotional sms instantly!

Sms Advertisement :

Dreamland Properties launching new luxurious villa scheme at @ red rock hills. Inaugural offer of Flat 10% off who book there house this weekend. Call 12345678


Scenario 2 - Some special offer for this weekend? Want to quickly inform all estate agents about the offer? Send sms to all agents at once.
With Rapidsms, reach your target audience instantly!

Sms Advertisement :

Exclusive offer - Park facing villa on SALE. 10000 Rs / Sq Ft. New Construction. 16 Amenities in scheme. Ltd offer. Call Dream House Ltd - 12345678


Shortcode - for Builders

Get maximum of all advertising campaign you run, this time - every time. In every print, out door or electronic advertisement you run - put your short code details.

With Rapidsms, you can create your own database of house hunters and keep them updated on every event - new property launch, discount offer, price increase, etc.

Data generation Ideas:

In every print / electronic / outdoor advertisement put Sms Property to 56767 and receive a call back from our representative.

In every print / electronic / outdoor advertisement put Sms Property your address to 56767 and receive brochure by mail

In every print / electronic / outdoor advertisement put Sms Property email Address to 56767 and receive E - brochure by email.

In every print / electronic / outdoor advertisement put Sms Dream to 56767 and receive special discount on spot booking.

Sms HOME to 12345 and get a chance to win free FURNITURE when you buy a house at VILLA residency. Also get property brochure by email & a callback by our marketing executive .

Hundreds of customers grab their phones and send in a message. After a few minutes, the winner receives a text message telling them he won.

As the owner of that establishment, you have just added hundreds of customers to your database that you can send messages to about your business.

Using the Rapidsms control panel, you set up how the customer interacts with your keyword

Anything You Can Think Of, the possibilities are endless!

10,000 bulk sms @ Rs.2000
20,000 bulk sms @ Rs.3500
50,000 bulk sms @ Rs.8200
1,00,000 bulk sms @ Rs.15000
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