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Sms Marketing for Saloons / Spa

Mobile SMS Marketing is fast becoming the number one marketing / advertising tool for Spa & saloon businesses across the Country.

Text message marketing is an excellent tool for helping saloons organise their appointments, whilst also helping to increase business with targeted offers and promotions. Having a cost-efficient text messaging system in place to prevent even half of the missed appointments can greatly increase the bottom line for many salons and spas.

SMS marketing is easy to set up and very cost-effective, working out at a fraction of the cost of a phone call or an advert.

Sms Marketing forSaloons / Spa

Scenario 1 - In our hurried world it has become harder to remember all the appointments and follow schedules. Make sure that your client never misses an appointment with a quick reminder. This will help increase revenue through missed appointments and also encourage people to let you know if they need to cancel.

With Rapidsms, you can send request for appointment reminder in matter of seconds! This will increase customer satisfaction & profits.

Sms Advertisement :

Dear customer, this is a general reminder for your scheduled appointment today at 2.00 pm @ The Beauty Plaza. Incase of any changes cal 12354678. Have a nice day!!

Scenario 2 - Give away special discounts if your client has not visited the establishment for a specific time durations. Retain customers and add profits

Sms Advertisement :

Dear Customer Golden Spa offers u a Special 25% Discount on all the services for next 15 days, from tomorrow. Come rediscover yourself. Call 123456789.

The Chandan Spa offers flat 30% off on your Marriage Anniversary the coming week. For appointment call 12345678


Scenario 3 - Engage your customers. Keep them up to there toes on beauty consciousness. Give them beauty tips on weekly / fortnightly basis.

Sms Advertisement :

Get the most of your eye shadow. Intensify the color by applying cream shadow and then dry shadow. Layers of shadow helps maintain long lasting looks. Book Appointment @ Silver Saloon - 1234567890

Anything You Can Think Of, the possibilities are endless!

10,000 bulk sms @ Rs.2000
20,000 bulk sms @ Rs.3500
50,000 bulk sms @ Rs.8200
1,00,000 bulk sms @ Rs.15000
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