Premium High Priority SMS Gateway

Rapidsms offers premium high priority sms for instant delivery. Now all time critical sms will be delivered instantly without any delay. Some of the applications for priority sms are as follows:

1. Stock Market tips
2. Mobile Number authentication through sms Captcha
3. Website - User registration, Password Alert etc by sms
4. Credit card transaction alert - by time critical sms
5. User registration, Password Alert etc by sms - by premium sms
6. Emergency sms - disaster, flood, cyclone alerts etc by priority sms

Special Features

a. High priority sms delivered through special routes.

b. Multiple routes like Airtel, TATA & Loop for smooth delivery

c. Instant support


Pricing for Premium priority sms

*For premium sms (Sender Id registration to take 24-48 working hours). Do not send promotional sms from this accounts.

We are the provider of High priority PREMIUM sms gateway services for instant sms delivery

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