What is Rapidcalls IVR (interactive voice response) / cloud telephony service?

Rapidcalls enables intelligent cloud telephony with system that provides solutions such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), virtual number, toll-free number, cloud EPABX, automatic call distribution, call management , call tracking & recording, reports etc. for business. It is a managed Epabx solution hosted and managed on cloud enabling automatic interaction with callers based on preprogrammed commands and call flow. It required no hardware cost to clients.


Key benefits of Cloud telephony and IVR
  • Centralized IVR between multiple end contact points / call centers
  • Call back option to customers
  • Choice of automated self service and customer support agent
  • Sticky agent
  • Call priority based on customers business value
  • A professional welcome message delivers professional corporate image to callers
  • Call recordings to increase agent quality and productivity
  • Sms triggers for thank you, follow up, address etc
  • Email alerts
  • Real time data push to any CRM or other platform
  • Random robin and priority call lending for optimized call efficiency and optimum delivery
  • Personalized greetings with multi language options
  • Handle off hours call flow
  • Multi level IVR solution
  • Take your office on the go with mobility option
  • Detailed reports and analytics

Case Studies

Increase Privacy

Get your call connected between remote employee, agent, delivery person, repairmen, buyer-seller, etc without sharing end users / customers contact numbers. Use cloud telephony to make 2-way call conference with virtual numbers.

Unlock Bottleneck

Call volumes increase in a certain period of day, downtime, advertisement, season, etc. The customer relationship staffs strength and number of telephone resources remain the same. With cloud telephony companys handle this situation with call back option in IVR

Intelligent call Tracks

With increase in online directories there is a need to track customer actual calls. With dynamic number display for each advertisement, conversion tracking is simple. Again Intelligent Call reconnects the same number whenever the customer calls back again to desired business on virtual number.

Imagine you ordered food from a food service portal through virtual number displayed on website. Virtual number is not permanent. Whenever the same customer call that virtual number in future system will reconnect the same restaurant with intelligent call tracks

Barrier free Multi language with multi location

Connect to nationwide customers on a single platform with having multiple locations and multiple languages. With Cloud IVR all calls will be connected to different offices across country

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