What is shortcode?

A Shortcode is a 5 digit number which is used by organizations for engaging there users / customers. Rapidsms provides shortcode service on 56767, 56161, 56070, 58888 & 56677. Shortcode is easy to remember for customer. A 5 digit shortcode is a shared shortcode. Dedicated shorcodes are available in 6, 7 & 8 digit numbers. For more information on shortcode 56767 call 079-40092525.

2 Way Messaging Shortcode - 56767

The 2-way messaging is composite of sending and receiving messages. A sms shortcode is a 5 digit number accessible through us via mobile operators for data (by SMS) transmission. Introduced as a new generation communication tool a short code can be used for - Lead generation, automation, lucky draws, contests, surveys, enquiries, feedback, bids, transactions, content providing, etc.


Keyword Hosting on Short Code - 56767

Duration Price
1 Month 1,500
3 Month 3,900
12 Month 12,000
No Revenue Sharing is possible in Short codes.

Short Code Benefits
  • Works - 24 x 7
  • 5 digit number easy to remember (and respond)
  • Large scale communication at very low cost.
  • Communication - Quick and Reliable yet Simplified
  • Automated / Personalized pull sms with DYNAMIC RESPONSE (e.g. to know balance in your bank account)
  • Content Providing (Cricket Score, Stock / Commodity quotes, Download - jokes / ring tone / wallpaper etc)
RapidSMS Short Code Benefits
  • Instant alert through Sms & Email
  • State / Region wise reports
  • Auto Responders - 2 way communication (Free - Auto Response Sms)
  • Web Interface to keep Records
  • Unlimited Sub - Keywords
  • Real Time Web Based Reporting
  • Web Based Control Panel.

Case Study

Lead Generation

A company (e.g. a Laptop) well advertises its product in a news paper but most of the people read it in the morning - when probably no one is there to answer the inquiry on phone. A short code can help by receiving leads / queries 24 hours.

Listening to an advertisement on radio one might get interested in a product (e.g. CAR) but probably won't remember the number to call and enquire. A 5 - digit short code is easily memorable - quick and accurate to receive response.

Database Generation

Run contests - easy way to create databank of people having interest in your product. (e.g. A Foreign Education Consultant run "guess your marks in boards exams - win prizes worth 10 Lakh"). This type of contest is an easy way to generate databank of students in the region.

Content Providing

Cricket Score, Stock / Commodity / Currency quotes, Astrology, Jokes, Download - ring tone / wallpaper etc

Get quotes on prices of stocks / commodities. Get cricket score etc.


A company runs an interactive sms / shortocde campaign to know customer product satisfaction. Opinions can lead company to improve their products.

Store Locator

A Short Code can be set up where customers can text in their postcode and can have an automated reply immediately containing details of their closest store, address and its telephone number.


An organization can initiate a short code for VOTING. Television programs have been using short codes widely for Reality Shows. You can display live results of the votes received by programming dynamic response. At a larger scale (1 Lakh & above per month) this can become an income source.


An organization can initiate a short code for Auction bidding. Users can monitor and increase their bid quickly through mobile.

Dynamic Response

A customer can avail his bank balance by messaging his account no to his bank short code. Easy quick (unlike busy and unassisted phones)


What are the charges to subscriber for sending sms on a shortcode number?

User charges will be dependent on his telecom operator. Usually the charges are Rs 3 per sms.

Can we bear the cost of sms instead of customer?

No Shortcode sms will be chargeable to users. You cannot bear those charges.

Do you share revenue for shortcode?

Revenue sharing is possible only with a monthly commitment of 1,00,000 responses.

Which are the most popular numbers?

56767 and 58888 are the most popular and memorable shortcode numbers.

What is the maximum limit of per day sms on a shortcode?

Virtually there is no such limit or restriction.

Short Code - Sales / Support : 079 - 40092525