What is toll free number?

A toll free number in India is a 1800-XXXX number on which customer can make a call without paying any call charges. Pan India the same number works and no STD charges are levied. A toll free number can be landed and distributed among different team of sales, support , technical etc depending upon the client’s needs. In all a single number for several departments which can be called @ FREE.

Give your customer freedom to call you for free. A TOLL Free number will augment customer engagement and translate into efficiency. Having a toll free number permits you a full fledge IVR in multiple languages. A toll free number get 30% more calls than normal number as well as give the reputation of a customer oriented brand. Key features for a toll free number are as follows:



Is toll free number only for the corporate?

Toll free number plan starts from Rs 2500 / month. Even SME willing to offer free call option to their customers can opt for a Toll free number.

Can I receive sms on a toll free number?

No receiving sms on toll free number is not possible

How will multiple calls be handled on a single number?

Though the number is just one, the calls can be forwarded to multiple agents, locations, across the world

Who pays the cost for each call?

Your Company has to bear the cost per each call received on per minute / pulse basis as the cost to caller is totally free.

Case Study

Real Estate

Get 30% more leads on real estate by using toll free number compared to normal telephone numbers


Get feedback from your customers. Lead them to desired branch in their locality.

Food Chain

Get more orders booked online with a easy to remember toll free number. Quick orders make happy customers

Ticket Booking

Let your customer connect you when they are indeed facing issues while booking tickets or making payments. A Toll free number will lead to happy customers.


Municipal Corporations, farmer helpline, student helpline, social service, medical help lines, etc can set up and used for successful implementation of government initiatives.

Travel & Leisure

The travel and leisure business it at roll and what customers need is easy service. A toll free number can make their call journey joyful and save time and cost for both company and customers.