Bulk SMS Software

Rapidsms's bulk sms software is an Enterprise grade bulk sms platform. Bulk sms software is meant to suffice any Auto or Manual sms requirement. It's features include:

1. Automated sms
2. Group Sms
3. Group Customized sms
4. Excel Customized sms
5. Quick Sms
6. Bulk Sms
7. Stock Trade Confirmation sms
8. Prefix & Signature
9. Automatic Sent time in message content (Especially for stock tips sms)
10. Easy Contact Management
11. Import / Export contacts
12. Easy Group Management
13. Delivery reports with
14. Template Management

Automated bulk sms

Need to send sms for invoices, outstanding, courier details, transaction details, booking confirmation or other events with your existing billing, accounting, dispatch, etc software - try our automated bulk sms software. The software works parallelly for sending sms automatically from your data. You should follow the following guidelines while submitting data.

a. Sms content has to be extracted to a text file (SAMPLE FILE) and saved in C:\pendingMessages

b. Name of the text file should be 10 - digit mobile number. If more than 1 sms has to be sent than name of file has to be 10 - digit mobile number_1, 10 - digit mobile number-2, 10 - digit mobile number_a etc. (i.e. 9123456789_1)

c. Currently message length supported in Automated bulk sms is 160 characters.

d. Sms software has to be installed in the same internet enabled computer where messages come and fall in "C:\pendingMessages" as text files. Your existing billing software etc which also will generate the text file might work in local pc or Lan.

Sms once extracted in "C:\pendingMessages" will be automatically be delivered form automatic bulk sms software installed in the same pc.


10,000 bulk sms @ Rs.2000
20,000 bulk sms @ Rs.3500
50,000 bulk sms @ Rs.8200
1,00,000 bulk sms @ Rs.15000
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