TRAI had notified a complete new framework to manage commercial communications and is aimed at curbing the problem of Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) or spam calls and messages vide its Regulation “The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation (TCCCPR 2018)” dated 19th July 2018.

All the companies using Online Sms (commercial communication) are required to follow a mandatory DLT registration process. Once a Principal entity is registered and its header / Sender ID is approved the next step is to get approval of their sms / message content.

Template Approval Process on TATA DLT.

Checkout the above video tutorial by India’s prominent bulk sms supplier – Rapidsms for a step by step understanding of template approval on TATA DLT.


  1. Choose the template type wisely among Promotional, Service Implicit, Service Explicit and Transactional. For assistance to choose the correct type read instruction on: Template Guidelines
  2. You can call your Rapidsms Account manger for his advise or email to Rapidsms support.
  3. For variable field that changes in each sms like: amount, date, awb number, invoice number, phone number, name, marks, etc use {#var#}
  4. Use proper justification for sms approval. You can take assistance from Support team.