Online Sms Marketing for Automobile

Set your automobile sales on top gear with promotional sms for automobile. Despite increase in year-on-year car sales, overall business takes roller coaster ride throughout the year. Whereas the intense competition and upwards moving input costs are never in control, online sms can keep check on your marketing budget. A bulk sms campaign can be effective and handy marketing tool in pressure situations like month-ends, government policies, tax changes, pollution norms, import duties, local authority's guidelines and other factors. Innovative tools like crm sms integration, can give a delightful experience to your prospect customers. For automobile industry all forms advertisements are larger in scale and expensive in nature, while bulk sms advertising can be targeted and result oriented with limited budget.

Another arena where sms can be used is service sms (transactional sms). Automobile service is the bread and butter of 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler dealers. Dms sms integration can play an important role in fetching desired service turnouts for free as well as paid service. Set out reminders and follow-ups in form of online sms with help of http api and give delightful experience to your customers. Use the bulk sms tools to launch service camps, pre monsoon check up camps, summer ac service camps and pre festival highway-ready-drive camps within your own customers. Any discount in parts, labor or service contracts can be easily conveyed to two-wheeler and four-wheelers owners by sms marketing.

Insurance reminders, premium quotations and renewal receipts can be easily sent out with the help of sms reminders. Follow-up can be easy and sending bank account details, policy details or premium amount and executive name / number by sms website can be really convenient.

dms sms integration

Sms Advertising for car and bike dealers

Automobile enthusiasts keep looking for their dream vehicle before they actually land up purchasing it. To followup on such a large number of inquires can be real easy with sms advertising.

New vehicle launch, festival offers, exchange bonus, interest bargains, free upgrades, special or limited editions and what not promotion can be conveyed to your inquiry with help of sms?

With Rapidsms, you can send promotional sms instantly!

SMS Advertisement

  • Launching the much awaited hybrid car of the year SUPERCAR at ABC automobiles, wallpur. Be there to checkout the industry leading features and first hand test drive experience at our launch event. Call 12345678


To avoid vehicle breakdowns, it is important to get it serviced on time, but people hardly remember it unless they face any trouble. Set out sms reminders and follow up for service.

SMS Advertisement

  • Dear customer your bike service is due on 22/dec. Get your vehicle serviced on time to continue enjoying warranty on the engine. Call XYZ Auto showroom 12312321321 to book your service pickup.


Shortcode - for Automobile

Shortcode is a very important tool for lead generation, receiving and getting feedback in automobile advertisiment. In every form of advertisement - print, out door or electronic a easy to remeber shortcode like 56767 can be a handy tool to get responses.

To get enquires for test-drive on a new autombile vehicle can be easy by using a shortcode.

Data Generation Ideas
  • Get service related feedback directly on shortcode 58888
  • Book service on short code 56161
  • Running a teaser or contest? Shortcode can work for you to gather intrested persons database.

As the owner of that establishment, you have just added hundreds of customers to your database that you can send messages to about your business.

Using the Rapidsms control panel, you set up how the customer interacts with your keyword

Anything You Can Think Of, the possibilities are endless!