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NDNC (National Do Not Call) Filtration is available with us now. This service is free of cost. You need to send the file by email with to You should follow the following guidelines while submitting data.

Please ensure that the file you are sending shall meet the following requirements


  • The file should be in excel format (.xls). No other format shall be accepted.
  • Numbers to be in Sheet 1 & Sheet 2 Only. Numbers must be entered in excel file starting from first row and in first column only. No blank row in the file. Each sheet should contain maximum of 65000 records (Total 2 sheets maximum - 130000 numbers)
  • Please ensure that all the telephone numbers in the file should be

  • Ndnc scrubbing is not available on 15th of month and last day of month.
  • There might be delay in Ndnc scrubbing due to technical issues with Govt portal. Customer are advised to get their numbers scrubbed with us in advance.

Get your own Ndnc registration done at Government Ndnc Website