Sms Marketing for Restaurants

Using Rapidsms's online bulk sms solutions in your restaurants, your dining establishment etc can build deeper relations with your customers. Offering free drinks, appetizers, mobile coupons, reservation in peak hours etc will generate loyalty among your customers.

From casual coffee shops to large scale restaurants - our websms services have proven to be easily accessible, quickly deployable, low cost & highly profitable. Find a couple of online sms ideas & short code ideas for restaurant as under:


Sms Advertising for Restaurants

It's a slow evening at the restaurant. Hardly few reservations and you need to fill some seats. What if you could instantly send out an online sms to a few hundred of your customers with a 2-for-1 coupon or special discounts? Customers all over city receive your sms advertisement just when they were starting to think about what they were going to do for dinner. With Rapidsms, you can send promotional sms instantly!

SMS Advertisement

  • Special offer for invites this evening!!! Show this sms and enjoy 2 by paying for 1 while you dine at Delhi Darbaar -The Restaurant. For Reservations Call 12312312


It's a big cricket match today evening and want to capitalize the event!! Not many reservations and you need to fill some seats.

Instantly send out online bulk sms through to a few hundred of your customers inviting them watch live cricket on BIG SCREEN and having delicious dinner.

Or Send a quick sms to customers in near by area for FREE HOME DELIVERY!!

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  • Watch INDIA fight for their pride against AUSTRALIA tonight, while you sit back and enjoy T20 World Cup on BIG SCREEN @ Mumbai Masti. For reservations call 12345678

  • Mexican Chaos Week at Party Point! Order Exotic Mexican dishes at your home. FREE Home delivery. Call 12312312. 3 Kms. Minimum order Rs. 1500.

Organized a live performance / entertainment today evening and want to invite limited members!! Quickly send bulk sms form pc to a few hundred customers letting them know who is performing tonight.

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  • It's a DESI night tonight @ Little INDIA. Ustad Vinay to perform live from 8 pm onwards. Limited seats. Authentic Muglai dinner on menu. For reservations call 12312312


Organized a special LADIES PARTY / Private Party today evening and want to invite limited members!! Quickly send sms form website to a few hundred women customers letting them know about the event who is performing tonight.

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  • Rocking party in the town with LADIES NIGHT OUT @ NASHA!! With DJ Loud Spinning Fusion of House, Hip-hop & Bollywood. Dress in black and win goodies! Reservation on 12312312


It's a rainy evening and expected footfalls are low!! Quickly use our websms facility to send sms to a few hundred customers offering them free appetizers till 10 pm today evening.

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  • Appetizers raining @ HAWA Restaurant. Show this sms while to enjoy sizzling Italian dishes tonight and get all your appetizer free. For Reservation call on 12312312


It's lunch time and burning weather has turned streets empty. Fast food restaurant can send a food coupon by internet sms to customers who order in next 2 hours.

SMS Advertisement

  • It's a Lunch BREAK!! Order your lunch @ SABWAY in next 2 hours and get 20% discount on the total billing on all FREE home deliveries and take homes. To Order Call on 12312312


Slow hours in morning at coffee shop. Send internet sms with and offer to shake footfalls around.

SMS Advertisement

  • My Cafe Coffee BREAK!! Today is My Cafe Coffee break day. STOP @ nearest MY Cafe location between 9am to 12 noon get a complimentary My cafe Cup FREE while you sip the best coffee in the country.


Shortcode - 56767 - for Restaurants

Any successful sms marketing is always permission based. Its important to generate opt in list of your customers. A short code can be a easy, useful and cheap mechanism to generate database of customers.

Data Generation

When customers visit your establishment or see your advertisement, they send a text message to your keyword and receive an auto response. The customer's mobile number is stored in your database for future messages you will like to send.

Using the Rapidsms control panel, you set up what kind of auto response customers should receive and download database.

Data Generation Ideas

Hot offer!! Sms Restaurant to 12345 and get a chance to win free meals. Random free meals given every day Sms Restaurant Invoice number to 12345 and you might win your food FREE. Winners to get response instantly. Show your auto reply to Waiter to redeem your prize.


The Dj / Live performer finishes a song, and announces that he is giving away a free t-shirt to one person who sends a text message to the disco's / restaurant / pub / night clubs keyword in the next 2 minutes.

Hundreds of customers grab their phones and send in a message. After a few minutes, the winner receives a text message telling them he won.

As the owner of that establishment, you have just added hundreds of customers to your database that you can send messages to about your business.

Using the Rapidsms control panel, you set up how the customer interacts with your keyword

Anything You Can Think Of, the possibilities are endless!