Rapidsms Pay Per Lead - We work for your profit !!

The Mobile Marketing industry has grown rapidly over the last 12 years and this trend is set to continue as the mobile phone plays a huge part in people's lives. The technology associated with the mobile is also constantly advancing, with huge scope for further progress & expansion. With India's mobile subscriber base touching 1112 crores in Nov'16 and having exponential growth potential Sms business has a long way to grow further.

RapidSMS is currently offering a unique pay per lead program that enables businesses to have a peace of mind for their marketing efforts. We run sms campaigns, email campaigns, voice call campaigns, etc. Interested parties forward their contact details on Short code (56767) and we immediately forward it your company executive / representative by email and sms alert.

While the products and services are yours, price per lead depends on the kind of offer and product. Obviously the cost per lead for a 5 Lakh rupee car and 40 Lakh Rupee car is going to vary. Again the cost of lead is also depended on the offer (due to difference of response variation between a 10% OFF vs 50% OFF offer.) We work on your given offers and design marketing activity to get you maximum number of leads in your desired location.

Unique features of Cost per Lead / Pay per Lead program
  • You will have a clear expectation of number of leads /inquiries desired. One thousand lead on day one and five hundred on another day can keep your staff over or under utilized. We will provide exact number of leads as you want
  • Good quality leads derived - leads are received on short code (56767 & 58888).
  • You get better results for each rupee spent
  • You know your cost of marketing campaign and results in advance.

Rapidsms is serving a host of corporate in various industries for its Cost per Lead services. The few industries in which we have gained best clientele and reputation for Pay per Lead marketing are mentioned below.

Database Generation
  • Real Estate
  • Holidays – Tour Packages
  • Health care – Slimming, Hair Loss, etc
  • Club Memberships
  • Ecommerce website hits

Database Generation
  • Demographics wise targeting approach
  • Unique databank of opt-in clients
  • Affiliation with content marketing websites
  • Exclusive content design and development team
  • Dedicated Campaign managers
  • Client feedback system
  • Instant lead delivery (through sms and email alerts)
  • Exhaustive Web interface to view leads and logs

Lead Delivery

For Cost Per Lead Inquiries call between 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m., Monday to Saturday on 079 - 40092525