Sms Marketing for Religious Organizations, temples etc

Bulk Sms marketing is helping religious & voluntary organisations throughout the world to communicate key messages to their community & members about upcoming events, meetings, functions, donations, welfare programs and other news.

Information can be sent out to mass audiences within seconds at very low cost & because people carry there phones wherever they go, messages can be picked up while on the move.

Days have changed as now religious organizations use promotional sms, transactional sms, community sms, website, emails and even blogging to stay connected to youth of today. As youth is going technology reliant, rapidsms solutions allows you to reach out the common men through the most common medium - sms.


Sms Marketing for Religious Organizations, temples etc

In our hurried world it has become harder for religious organizations, temples, faith based organizations to stay connected to youth.

With Rapidsms, you can send request for donations, inspirational sms, event reminder, youth festival invitations etc!

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  • Young friend, God and his people expect much from u because u have within you the Fathers supreme gift: the Spirit of Jesus - BXVI

  • GURU PURNIMA SATSANG on 7th July @ Shri Guru Ashram, Gurunagar. GURU PUJAN TO BEGIN at 7am. Group Prathna organized for plenty rain. All or cordially invited.

A guest speaker to visit the community this Sunday. It is hoped to have high attendance in this event. Why not send sms to members and visitors, provide information about the speaker, his qualities, the topic and the event information through a series of sms. Sending multiple sms before the event at different time will generate enthusiasm and direct more people to event.

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  • Moving away from peace and happiness or surrounded by negative energies?? Come; listen to Guru Atmashri – a real spiritual Master on 12thJune, Sunday at Atma Mandir.


It's a festival and a huge number of devotees are expected to come from all over the country. Keep volunteers, devotees and staff informed about the traffic, timings and preparations made.

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  • On posh poonam devotees are invited to come and celebrate Matas Birthday. Aarti timings are 5 to 6. Old people, children etc are requested to visit mandir premises between 2 to 4 to avoid crowd.


Raising funds for your temple, holy event or welfare program - advertise and motivate more to get best donations from the community.

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  • Our temple is almost complete. We require your support - Donation!! Forgo your favorite Dine out this weekend and donate the entire amount you save. Choose from 1000 Rs Movie + dinner or Priceless pleasure of donation.

  • JYOT - JEEVAN Foundation. Pay Rs.500 to RESTORE VISION OF A BLIND. Gift a poor person Vision - Reason to Smile for Life. Call -987654321

Anything You Can Think Of, the possibilities are endless!