Our Company

Rapidsms is India's leading mobile messaging service provider. We can reach the highest number of mobile devices and people than any other company through our secure dependable and high capacity messaging platform.

Mobile Marketing - A powerful tool

Mobile marketing, sms advertising, sms promotions, sms marketing, sms campaigns, mobile advertising - has emerged as a single most powerful medium of mass marketing. Rapidsms's Mobile marketing solutions include series of market proven campaigns that deliver considerable results. It is highly affordable, focused, quickly deployable, effective and measurable.

Rapidsms has a vast experience and dedicated sms campaign design team to cater sms promotions. Rapidsms is a mobile media company that connects brands, agencies, and companies with mobile audiences across all types of media through bulksms advertising. With Indian mobile population touching 500 million mark text message advertising sms has long way to go ahead.


Why sms marketing is most successful today?

Low cost, instant reach, flexible size and quick results are the key reasons for poplularity of promotional sms.

Our Specialization

  • Users keep their smart phone handy

  • Users will check sms advertisements in 6 minutes

  • Recipients show interest in offer compared to 3% in email

  • Open website link provided in sms

  • Customers wish to join Brand's sms loyalty program

  • Smart phone users suffer from “nomophobia” - fear of being without mobile


Advertising campaign goals
  • Increasing subscriptions / users / consumers / Clients / Customers etc
  • Increasing page views - website marketing
  • Increasing downloads
  • Creating in-store visits
  • Creating direct-dial leads (inbound calls)
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Coupon & Gifting
Modern means of SMS marketing
  • Choose your customer base well
  • Make out the shopping patterns of customer and send sms according to their interest and behavior. The customer preference has to be understood well before

  • Include sms marketing in your key media plan
  • Mobile phones are accessible across the globe and so are sms. Sms have got highest open rates and still remained severely cost efficient. All sms sent today may or may not turn up in sale but will surely last in customers mind increasing you brand recognition

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