Sheets Sms, Forms sms & Automated sms from sheets

Now send sms directly from you Sheets with Rapidsms Add on. Send or schedule sms to upto 50,000 numbers at a go. You can also use Rapidsms addon to send sms on forms submissions. This g suite plugin will be soon available in marketplace and supports auto sms. Forms sms integration was never easy prior to this plugin. For more info on how to send sms automatically from sheets kindly refer our demo video links given below.

Send customized sms messages from your Google Sheets. Get sent sms confirmation in separate column. Choose among your approved sender ids directly from Rapidsms add on.

Schedule your sms for future date and time. Presaved sms templates are accessible from your saved favourite list. Multiple routes are available for transactional or promotional purpose.

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Check Our Demo Videos

Send bulk sms, customized sms, delivery sms, payment reminder, invoice details etc sms to multiple mobile numbers with their respective custom message.

Preview message, custom column data input, available.

Click here to check demo for Sheets sms plugin.

Imagine if you are updating a google sheet with data and you need to send sms with each updation per row. Automated sms does makes your job easy.

Calling customer, updating dipatch info, payment receipt, whatever your input may be - you can set an autoted sms for the same activity.

Click here to check demo for Automaed sms in our Sheets sms plugin.

An important tool for your Form is Sms plugin. Sms plugin send an sms confirmation as soon as a form is filled up.

Set a thank you message or confirmation sms - whichever you wish to send for each successful for submission.

Click here to check demo for Forms sms add on.

Anything You Can Think Of, the possibilities are endless!