What is Logo SMS?

The world is moving to 5G technology. The current human generation gives Brands just a fraction of second to grab their attention. We have come up with Logo Sms service for your message to stand out among others. For each messaging activity the most important task it to get your customers attention. No matter how much good the offer may be, but it matters only when the customer checks it. With Logo sms you have the highest chance to be visible.

What next the Logo sms offers is credibility. In normal sms the limit for header or sender name is fixed for 6 letters by government. This leads to misleading and unrecognizable names in many cases. Like ICICI Bank the header is ICICBK, in pantaloons, the header is PANTLS. It’s not understandable and misleading. The logo sms service lets you display the complete brand name / company name (big or small) upto 15 characters. It gives more credibility than the former six letter header system.

While scrolling hundreds of messages a Logo Sms registers your brand identity silently with your audience. He may or may not have read the message but still while scrolling between messages, each time your logo viewed it will raise the brand recognition.

With LOGO sms, message visibility will increase. Message visibility will in turn increase customer loyalty. If the message delivered is read, it will increase footfall or clicks and in turn increase profitability.


Key benefits of Logo Sms
  • High Visibility
  • Brand Recognition
  • Improved Credibility
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Full Brand / Company Name
  • Silent repeated branding
  • Call Now Option
  • Website Link
  • Support Link
  • Web Store Link
  • Buy Now Buttons
  • App Download Buttons

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