What is Promotional Sms??

Marketing sms sent to mass customer base to promote brand, offer, sale, branch etc is promotional sms. Rapidsms provides bulk push platform with live reporting and scrubbing. Get your campaign executed on time with confidence when you choose us as your promotional sms service provider. Push sms with host of marketing and supplementary tools that suits your need.

Promotional Sms

Rapidsms is India's leading promotional sms service provider located at Ahmedabad - Gujarat. With our outstanding sms tools you can not only send promotional bulk sms but also send attachments, surveys, clickable website links and more. We have options of bulk sms with split delivery enabling you to maximize your yield on each promotional sms campaign you send. With multiple gateways and optimum servers, huge volumes of marketing sms are being delivered smoothly. We offer online scrubbing of dnd database and that allows our customer to send sms worry free.


Pricing for Promotional sms

Quantity Price
20,000 sms 3,500
50,000 sms 8,200
1,00,000 sms 15,000
GST included in price.

Top features of promotional sms
  • Dynamic Numeric sender id
  • Live delivery reports
  • Fast uploading and quick delviery
  • Split schedule sms
  • Custom schedule with split delivery
Other features
  • Multi language support with Unicode sms
  • Flash sms allowed
  • Short URL with tracking capabilities
  • Sms attachements
  • Mobile friendly interface for push sms

Features of promotional sms

1) You can send promotional sms between 9am to 9 pm

2) Promotional sms can be delivered with numeric ID e.g: AD-734232


Can we select sender id in promotional sms?

No the sender id is numeric and provided by us. Selecting number is not possible.

Why is my balance deducted by less numbers while I sent more promotional sms?

In your number list there might be number registered in DND. System must have removed dnd numbers and recredited your balance. Check delivery report for count of dnd numbers.

Can I send promotional sms in regional language?

With unicode sms you can send sms in the language of your choice. Regional language may give enhanced results in many products and services.

Why cant I send promotional sms between 9pm to 9am?

As per TRAI guideline promotional sms are allowed between 9am to 9pm only.

Promotional sms - Sales / Support : 079 - 40092525