What is Template Sms??

Template sms is a "semi-fixed" or "restricted" sms account which enables organizations to send transactional sms with a pre-approved sms content. The idea of template sms is to prevent users from sending promotional sms. Basically the bulk sms (content / text / message) formats are approved in a manner so that there is fixed as well as a variable part allowed in sms.

Template Sms

Rapidsms offers template sms service for sending non promotional sms to clients and customers. You may use this low cost template based sms to send fixed sms which are approved in advance and may have multiple variable sms parts too like (Marks, model, price, date, amount, place, time, quantity, courier no, Invoice No.,contact person, patent name, student name, class, grade, percentage, holiday, etc. You can send all your critical sms messages through template sms services from Rapidsms with high priority fast delivery gateway.


Pricing for Template sms

Quantity Price
20,000 sms 3,500
50,000 8,200
50,000 15,000
GST included in price.

Applications for template sms
  • School template sms
  • Daily price template sms
  • Invoice detail template sms
  • Sms template for courier details sms
  • Sms template for outstanding, courier delivery sms template, etc
Rapidsms sms Benefits
  • Quick request from website
  • Approval status with reason for rejection
  • Quick selection favorite sms section
  • Quick approval
  • High variable content in templates

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