What is Transactional Sms??

A sms sent to own customer on occurrence of particular event related to his past, present or future transaction is transactional sms. e.g An automated sms sent for debit balance confirmation on withdrawal or cash from ATM is transactional sms in nature. Same ways on ticket booking getting a sms for PNR number is also a transactional sms. The definition and scope of transactional sms is broad and will differ from customer to customer, industry to industry and case to case.

Transactional Sms

Rapidsms offers transactional sms service for sending sms to all numbers including do not disturb (DND) number and do not call (DNC) nos of clients and customers. You may use this low cost transactional sms to send sms for marks, model, price, date, amount, place, time, quantity, courier no, invoice mo.,contact person, patent name, student name, class, grade, percentage, holiday, etc. You can send all your critical sms messages through transactional sms services from Rapidsms with high priority fast delivery gateway. We provide 6 ALPHABET Sender ID as per your choice and company name to send sms. The approval of such sender id is based on your legal entity name.


Pricing for Transactional sms

Quantity Price
20,000 sms 3,500
50,000 sms 8,200
1,00,000 sms 15,000
GST included in price.

Applications for Transactional sms
  • School transactional sms
  • Stock market transaction confirmation sms
  • Daily price information by transactional sms
  • Invoice detail via transactional sms
  • Transaction sms for courier details
  • Transactional sms for outstanding, dispatch, payment reminder, etc
Other applications
  • Government mass communication - epidemic, flood etc
  • Bank transactions, reminders, alerts
  • NBFC usage on transaction and alerts
  • OTP sms
  • System restart alert, property breach alert, breakdown notification
  • Order confirmation, order delivery, refund, customer service

Special Features of transactional sms

1) You can send transactional sms without templates too

2) Transaction sms can be delivered 24x7 with sender ID to all numbers including Dnd (do not disturb) numbers

3) Fast and instant transactional sms at low cost and zero enrollment charge


Can we use transactional sms service to send sms to parents of our school students?

Yes. Rapidsms can provide online transactioanl sms which deliver to all numbers including Dnd for sms to students and sms to paternts.

What is the setup fee / charges for transactional sms account?

You may start sending transactional sms to dnd nos without any extra cost.

Do I need to sign any agreement before I start sending transactional sms?

Yes. You have to send us an agreement and undertaking for using transactional bulk sms services.

How do I get a sender ID?

Based on your request and document, we will get 6 - alphabet Sender ID approved according to your legal business name.

What document do I need to submit to start transactional sms service?

You need to send us an undertaking duly signed and stamped on letter head and a valid subscription document / proof.

How much time does it take to activate transactional sms service?

During a working day and working hours, after signup it takes around 30 mins for document approval. Sender Id and templates approval will take another 30 mins post applying. It can be done on priority when required.

Transactional sms - Sales / Support : 079 - 40092525